Rogue Wave Software acquires enterprise PHP leader Zend

Acquisition broadens enterprise strength across top five development languages

Louisville, CO – 10/6/2015 -- Rogue Wave Software announced today that it has acquired Zend Technologies, the leader in end-to-end PHP web and mobile application development and deployment solutions. With 50 percent of the web workload running on PHP, including Magento, Drupal, and WordPress, Zend products drive PHP in the enterprise, from code creation through production deployment.

“Today’s announcement expands Rogue Wave into PHP web and mobile application development, underscoring our goal to make developers heroes by accelerating their ability to create great code,” said Brian Pierce, CEO of Rogue Wave. “With the addition of Zend, we now have products that speed C, C++, C#, Java, and PHP development, reflecting how software is created today across languages, platforms, and teams.”

Zend supports and enables millions of PHP developers with its product set: Zend ServerZ-RayZend Studio, and Zend Guard.

  • Zend Server is an enterprise PHP application server powering deployment for web and mobile development efforts.
  • Z-Ray gives developers real-time, non-intrusive insight into their website and mobile applications, improving performance and speeding time-to-delivery.
  • Zend Studio is a PHP IDE, giving developers code editing and debugging abilities and build automation tools.
  • Zend Guard protects PHP applications with encoding and obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering and to secure website intellectual property.

Andi Gutmans, co-founder and CEO of Zend said, “Our passion has always been about PHP users. When we founded Zend, we set out to make it easier for developers to use PHP to meet the demands of business development. We’re very happy to have a great match with Rogue Wave, from our shared commitment to customers and how we impact their software development lifecycle. The strength of this combination benefits our customers and expands our ability to deliver products that matter to our users.”

Zeev Suraski, co-founder and CTO of Zend echoes his partner’s sentiments, “Our technologies are incredibly well-aligned. With the combined Rogue Wave products, we can offer customers capabilities ranging from prototyping to DevOps to production. This is a continuation of our vision to support the PHP community and make PHP use easy, accessible, and secure in demanding environments.”

About Rogue Wave Software

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