SlideRocket is the first complete, online presentation platform. As marketing automation and CRM systems brought insight into how sales and marketing professionals interact with their customers, SlideRocket extends the web experience to presentations. With SlideRocket you can quickly import presentations from leading desktop tools like Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote or create stunning presentations from scratch, manage a library of your slides and assets, share them securely with colleagues, and measure how they're used. SlideRocket allows you to track usage of your slides after you hit the send button or create an instant meeting to walk a customer through a presentation live. Sales and marketing teams can browse presentation analytics to find out how effective their presentations are and what kind of responses they deliver. Send an invite from your CRM system, publish a URL or embed your presentation in your web page or blog and gather metrics every time it's viewed. SlideRocket redefines what presentations can do and what they can do for you.


Azure Capital acts as a true partner & advocate. [They] have brought tremendous value to our team, providing strategic advice & making powerful introductions that have bolstered the company through an incredible growth phase & successful acquisition.
— Chuck Deitrich, CEO, Sliderocket